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Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 10:43 pm
I really want to get the kanji symbol for "dream" tattooed near my collarbone, but it's a matter of finding it. Do you have any tips for ensuring I'm getting the right symbol and not something that means whore, or something worse? Thanks in advance, this community seems like a great idea.

Just wondering... Aug. 31st, 2005 @ 12:36 am
I want to get a tattoo on my foot. I want it to go partly around my ankle and down onto the top of my foot. Is this a good idea or am I going to be screaming my head off?

Tattoo After Care Jul. 10th, 2004 @ 01:11 am
Dial antibacterial soap. This is gods gift. It works beautifully and its is the best type of cleanser, that is mild enough to work and clean a tattoo properly.

Green Soap- Tattoo artists use this stuff to clean you off durring the application of the tattoo, its not good to use on a healing tattoo, it tends to make things green or have a green tint, like the names says. Green Soap.

Other than these if you choose to use something else, Avoid anything that contains perfumes. Perfumes contain alchol, thus it will burn and it will pull the color out of your tattoo.

Palmers cocca butter- very good but a little greasy. avoid wearing light colored clothing and using this stuff. It works great but it will stain anything. Some poeple hate the smell of it and the thicknes of it in that case try the next.

Vasaline Intensive Care lotion- Wonderful stuff, i use this on all of mine. It seems to be best with black and grey work. Its pretty light and not too abasive. The only beef i have wiht it is it wears off way too fast.

Tattoo Goo (brand)- Wonderful, if you have had tattos before. Not so good for the beginner. You have to wash you tattoo thouroughly. I have seen way to many people apply too much of this shit and clog their pores to the point they wind up with poilbs on their skin. Use it but use it wisely and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.

H20 Orean Tattoo Foam- One of my other recommendations. It works wonders. It moisturizes well, and it lasts for a while also. It does get a bit messy, and it its hard to pin point the exact amount to use with this stuff. It tends to shoot out of the can faster than you can control.

Other than these if you choose to use something else, Avoid anything that contains perfumes. Perfumes contain alchol, thus it will burn and it will pull the color out of your tattoo. Also you want to use something that is not extremely thick. Like A&D ointment, triple antibiontic ointment, vasaline, or anything like that. Because it traps the tattoo. They need air, like use they need oxygen too so they can breathe, the more air you give it the quicker it will heal.


Beaches, salt air, salt water. Salt is a naturally something that dryies things out. Drying out your tattoo is not a good idea. Because when you are around elements like salt water, and salt air, it makes your skin dry, and in turn it makes your skin reject the ink. So it will not heal properly. Stay away from the beach and such for three weeks atleast.

Chlorines, Chlorine tends to make the black in tattoos, or inany tattoo ink that is not intirely healed, turn this odd milky color. And it makes them dry too, in turn it wont heal properly, and your skin will turn this white is pastey color, where the tattoo is.

Long baths or soaking in stationary bodies of liquid. When you make the scabs on your tattoo too moist they become mouisture logged. When that happens the scabbs fall off. When scabbs fall of before they need to the tattoo looses color in that spot.

Tanning beds, laying out or tanning. When you expose a fresh tattoo to direct uv rays, it breaks down the particals of ink, making it dissipate into your skin. So it will dissapear. Bcause when you tan you are litterally cooking yourself, making yourself burn. And when you do this over and already pre aggitated area, it will hurt alot more. Plus if you do tan in a tanning bed, i with a fresh tattoo, (within the first 3 weeks) you could be at a higher risk for cancer in that spot over the tattoo.

Your tattoo artist should wrap you up. Dont leave the bandage on longer than about 2 hours or so. Take it off becasue your tattoo needs to breathe, and get air.

Wash it with cold water. It helps to close your pores and make the ink stay in better.

Wash it with Dial antibacterial soap.

I recommend, letting your tattoo air out for a dy or two before applying lotion. This gives it enough time to stop hurting and to dry out a little, before moiseturizing it.

wash it three to four times a day. Wear loose clothing, avoid touching it unless cleaning it or applying lotions. Dont use wash cloths, just use your fingertips.

I usally recommend taking flintstones vitamins, durring the healing process, because the better shape your body is in, heath wise, the quicker it will heal.

Dont pick at it, scratch, or play with it. becasue if you pull the scaps off you will loose color. Most tattoo artist dont do touch ups for free if you dont take care or your tattoo.
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The Introduction Jun. 28th, 2004 @ 09:38 pm
Well Hello world. Im Selina and let me welcome you to The Tattooed Society. This is Livejournal community to help anyone who has any questions about tattoos, and peircings. Bear with me while I get the site up and going. It looks a bit rough now but the plans are in the works. Any questions out in the audiance?
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